New candidate of technical sciences at SEMIT department

Team of the department of software engineering and management information technologies congratulates Denis Borisovich Arkatov with the successful defense of a Ph.D. thesis!

On 1st of September 2016 there was a meeting of specialized scientific council of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” about the defense of Ph.D. thesis by assistant of SEMIT department. D.B. Arkatov on scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences, specialty 05.13.06 – information technologies.
The theme of his thesis: “Models and information technologies of scheduling of a motion for a railway transport under time constraints” which is particularly relevant today, during the rapid development of information technologies and the growth of their value in all branches of social life: both in industry and in the social sphere.

Members of the specialized scientific council emphasized the relevance and scientific novelty of the research performed under the guidance of Ph.D. OJ Cherednichenko. Also, the are describing the work as an important in their field and recognized its full compliance with the stated qualifications and specialty passport.

We sincerely congratulate Denis Borisovich Arkatov and wish him further creative and professional success, both in the field of scientific activities and in the field of pedagogical work as a lecturer of SEMIT department

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