The head of the SEMIT department took part in the seminar dedicated to dual education

In February, the joint German-Ukrainian seminar “Germany’s dual education system and its experience for Ukraine” was held in Kyiv. The event was attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Grinevich, representatives of the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine who already have experience in introducing the dual form of education (NTU “KhPI” at the seminar was presented by the Head of the SEMIT department Professor, Doctor of Technical Science Mikhail Dmitrievich Godlevsky), German experts who shared their experience in organizing of dual higher education in Germany and owners with managers of leading Ukrainian enterprises.

The seminar was organized on the initiative of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and with the assistance of the European project Duale Ausbildung Dialog within the framework of the German program “Eastern Partnership”. Participants of the event discussed issues of the current interest related to reforming the areas of education related to vocational training, in particular, on high-tech specialties, the introduction of the principles of dual education in the practice of higher education institutions in order to ensure effective interaction between the sphere of education and science with industry, and also noted the necessity to improve the correspondence of vocational education of specialists to the labor market requirements.

The initiator of the project, the chairman of the Supervisory Boards of the companies “Hydrosila GROUP” and “Elvorty GROUP” Pavel Stutman proposed Lilia Grinevich to create a joint working group with employers that will develop a roadmap for the development of a system of dual education of engineering staff for the real sector of the economy. In turn, Lilia Grinevich supported the proposal and promised that the group would be created.

In her speech, Lilia Grinevich emphasized that currently the theoretical component of the education of qualified staff significantly prevails over the practical one. “The model can be built only through cooperation with business when the practical training of future staff is properly organized. And here is the priceless experience of Germany, which became a pioneer in creating a model of dual education, when education occurs in parallel with work. Such model works successfully in Germany”, the Minister said.

This working group will include Mikhail Dmitrievich Godlevsky – head of the Department of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies, one of the authors of the project on the introduction of a dual approach to training, which is already being implemented in the SEMIT department of NTU “KhPI”.

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