The defense of masters in the framework of the implementation of the Program of Double Diplomas of NTU “KhPI” and Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt was held for the first time at the Department of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies (SEMIT).

International cooperation with European universities is an important aspect of the Department of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies (SEMIT)
For example, Alpen-Adria University ( Klagenfurt (Austria) is one of the oldest partner-universities of the department. Their cooperation began in 1998.

Only for the last 2 years, thanks to the efforts of the program coordinator from the Austrian side, Honorary Doctor of NTU “KhPI”, prof. Tillmann Reuter (Prof. Dr. T. Reuther) and Prof. of SEMIT Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. N. Tkachuk, students of SEMIT Department (M. Kuznetsov, O. Tovstokorenko, D. Dabagyan, V. Demchuk, A. Zinkovsky and A. Tkachuk) attended internships at the University of Klagenfurt.
Based on this successful experience in October 2017, the rector of NTU “KhPI” Prof. E. Sokol and pro-rector of Alpen-Adria University Prof. D. Hattenberger signed an agreement on the program of double Austrian-Ukrainian diplomas. “Pioneers” of this program were the students-masters of the SEMIT Department: Alexei Zinkovsky and Andrei Tkachuk.
As part of this program, they completed an internship at Klagenfurt University (Alexei Zinkovsky for 1, Andrei Tkachuk – for 2 semesters). They confirmed the high level of the knowledge gained, defending the diplomas before the examination board. It included the chairman of the commission, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. head. Of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies Department L. Nefedov, and members of the commission: Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof., Head of SEMIT Department M. Godlevsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. N. V. Tkachuk, Ph.D., Assoc. O.Cherednichenko, and a representative of the Austrian University – Doctor, Professor Andreas Bollin, Head of the Institute of Informational Didactics Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt, who took part in the defense in the Skype conference mode.

The thesis of Alexey Zinkovsky is devoted to the development and research of the model-technological tool for automating the tracking of defects in distributed software systems. The theme of the diploma of Andrei Tkachuk is “Development and research of models and ways of providing variability in the creation of family of software systems on the Java EE platform”. Both theses were carried out under the joint scientific supervision of Assoc. R. Gamzaev and Prof. A. Bollin. The examination commission noted that the defense was held at a high level, and both theses have a high scientific potential and for their continuation, for example, as part of the implementation of future PhD-theses.

Particularly it should be emphasized that successful experience of protection of double diplomas at SEMIT department opens to its graduates real prospects of successful employment in IT companies and universities not only in Ukraine, but also in EU countries.

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