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In 1964 professor Areh Vaharshakovich Dabahyan together with the chief of design office of electric instrument making (Kharkiv) Vladimir Hrihoryevich Serheyev founded the department intended to research engineers training in the field of automatic control of the movement.intended for training of research engineers, renamed into department of the automated control systems (ACS) in 1976. In 2015 the department was renamed 2015 is renamed into Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies Department (SEMIT).

The Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies Department of Computer Science faculty of NTU “KhPI” in cooperation with the leading companies in the field of the software development and hi-tech engineering decisions guarantees quality of education and a possibility of interning and training in firms of Austria, Germany and other European countries, the leading firms of Kharkiv and Ukraine with the subsequent employment for graduates of the following specialties:

Information Control Systems & Technologies – bachelor degree course “Computer sciences”;

Software Engineering – bachelor degree course ” Software Engineering “.





NIX Solutions Ltd

The NIX Solutions Company was founded in 1994 and so far turned into one of the largest leaders of IT outsourcing in Ukraine with a serious briefcase of the executed projects. The rich history, strong traditions, an innovative integrated approach to the solution of clients’ tasks and real care of their business are a basis of the company success and allow it to develop dynamically, constantly expanding the list of the provided services and increasing their quality. Contacts: Phone: +38 (057) 784 06 00 Website: www.nixsolutions.com; E-mail: .


The Sweden-Ukraine company Sigma provides high-quality IT services for clients in such spheres as: electronic business, document flow, telecommunications, military branch, aerospace industry, banking, finance and real estate, and also in the sphere of tourism, show business and production of games. Three main directions of the company business – development and support of the software, software outsourcing, which includes development of decisions for mobile phones, IT consulting in various spheres, especially in the sphere of electronic business, document flow and non-performing loan management. Contacts: Phone: +380 (57) 766–0159. Website: www.sigmaukraine.com. E-mail: .

TelesensInternational Ltd

Telesens International ltd. (London, UK) is one of the European leaders in the development, distribution and support of software systems across a variety of sectors. The Telesens International ltd Development Center is based in the Ukraine. The successful combination of experience with a dynamic, up-to-date management strategy, highly skilled staff, effective tailored solutions, a customer-oriented approach and flexible competitive prices gives Telesens International a major market advantage and has provided a base for the company’s success.  In 2006 LLC Telesens and NTU “KhPI” signed the contract on creation of Silicon Valley educational scientific-industrial complex. Contacts: Phone: +380 57 719 9471. Website: www.telesens.ua. E-mail: .


Department Cooperation with university of Klagenfurt (Austria) began in 1997 with a participation of department staff in work of a scientific seminar of Institute of Applied Information Systems of University of Klagenfurt. The best students of department undertake an externship in the Austrian software companies as part of cooperation with the University of Klagenfurt. After the diploma defence in NTU “KhPI” many of them remain to work in the Austrian companies. Lecturers of the University of Klagenfurt regularly spend lectures series for students of NTU “KhPI”, and SEMIT department lecturers pass training in the University of Klagenfurt. Now associate professor of NTU “KhPI” V.A. Shekhovtsov in collaboration with students of the department, and also with the representatives of the University of Klagenfurt and the Austrian computer firms master a grant of the government of Austria. Website: http://www.uni-klu.ac.at/

ASU department cooperation with Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (Germany) and, in particular, with the department of the professor Wolfgang Kersten – (one of the leading scientists in the field of manufacturing operations management), began since 2000. Among cooperation results it is necessary to distinguish the training of students and postgraduates of the department at University Hamburg-Harburg which became possible thanks to the educational grant of Leonard Euler program and DAAD. By the id of Kersten a number of graduates of department graduated from school of logistics in Hamburg and received MBA degree in this branch. Professor Kersten was the scientific supervisor for some of them. Website: http://www.tuhh.de/

The Program of cooperation between NTU “KhPI” and Technical Institute of Carinthia located in the city of Villach (Austria) was begun in May, 2003. Within the framework of this program professor Andreas Pester has delivered two series of lectures and laboratory works on problems of remote education and complex system simulation for students of Computer-Aided Management Systems department. Further cooperation was connected with participation of our students in work of scientific and technical winter schools in Villach

Website: http://www.cti.ac.at/

Full information, about cooperation of the department with partners, is located at stands in a lobby of the department

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Godlevsky Mikhail Dmitriyevich is the head of the Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies Department, the Doctor of Engineering Science in “Automation of management processes” and “Mathematical modeling and computational methods” (1994 of VAK of Ukraine), professor of automated control system department (in 2000 Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

The academician of Science Academy of the Higher school in the field of “Informatics and Applied Mathematics”. The member of the scientific and methodical commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the Computer Sciences direction. The member of natural sciences, informatics and mathematics advisory committee of the Ukraine State Accreditation Commission. Editor-in-chief of the collection of scientific papers “Vestnik NTU “KhPI”, special issue “System analysis, management and information technologies”. Member of editors of a number of technical collections and magazines of Ukraine. The winner of the regional competition “The Higher School of the Kharkiv Region — the Best Names” in the nomination of “Head of the department” (2006). The scholar of the Kharkiv regional public administration of V. V. Sviridov fellowship in the field of informatics and computer sciences for outstanding scientists (2009). The scientific adviser of 2 presented a doctoral dissertations, the research supervisor of 15 presented master’s theses, the author more than 150 scientific works. The given courses: “Theory decision science “, “Systems and methods of decision-making”. Academic interests: 1. Management of development of the big distributed technical and engineering and social and economic systems. 2. Theory of decision-making. 3. Process quality control of the software development. Main scientific results of professor M. D. Godlevsky: models and algorithms of system optimization of compound e;ements; models and algorithms of development management of the Ukraine higher education at the level of branch and separate higher education institutions.

The SEMIT department carries out training of students in the following directions:

6.050101 “Computer science”.

Qualification: the IT specialist and an opportunity to undertake further study in the discipline is also given.

7.05010101, 8.05010101 ” Information Control Systems & Technologies “

Qualification: at grade of the specialist – IT specialist, at grade of the master – the analyst of computer systems. Graduates can work in the capacity of: maintenance engineers, control of information technologies; software design engineers of the computing systems; software engineers of development and application at the enterprise of information technologies and the software of computing systems; research engineers of business processes reengineering; developers of the intelligence systems realizing natural language interfaces, machine translation systems and the data analysis; analysts of bases design and data storages for intelligence systems; systems analysts of software development for computer modeling and computer graphics.

6.050103 “Software engineering”. Qualification: the software development and testing specialist and an opportunity to undertake further study in the discipline is also given.

7.05010301, 8.05010301 “System software”

Qualification: at grade of the specialist –the computer programs development specialist, at grade of the master – the analyst of the operational and applied software.

7.05010302, 8.05010302 “Software engineering”

Qualification: at grade of the specialist –the software engineer, at grade of the master – the analyst of the operational and applied software; Graduates can work in the capacity of: systems analysts, software project managers, software integration specialists, designers of databases, programmers, verification specialists and program quality estimation specialists, software testers, software maintenance specialists, software administration specialists. Graduates receive education and qualification level the bachelor (training term 4 years), the specialist (training term 1,5 years), the master (training term 2 years). At ASU department function 5 computer classes. The department has more than 150 personal computers are combined in a local network and supplied with a network access. The material and technical resources are completed with the most modern computer facilities which allow at the high level training of specialists at all educational and qualification levels.



In 2001 the Center of modern information technologies was created at the department (IT Center). The major work task of the IT Center is a creation of conditions for successful implementation of pilot projects in the sphere of the modern information technologies, first of all in cooperation with advanced native and foreign scientific and technical partners.

Also one of the activities areas of the IT center – trainings for senior students, future staff of the IT companies in Kharkiv and Ukraine. It promotes substantial increase of an educational process quality and scientific research work of students and lecturers of SEMIT department.


In 2006 at the initiative of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies Department and department of the system analysis and management the business projects of the academic industrial complex Silicon Valley was created – joint project of the NTU “KhPI” and the Telesens company, one of the largest software manufacturers in the CIS in the field of telecommunications.

The project is designed to give the chance to students and university professors to participate in the embodiment of real developments and business projects without separation from study or work, having added, therefore, theoretical skills with necessary practical skills.

It is known that Silicon Valley, the world’s largest IT business park that located in the USA is a recognized symbol of high technologies breakthrough. Now in Ukraine this brand will be associated with technical education breakthrough. Now in Ukraine this brand will be associated with break in the field of technical education.

Business projects of the academic industrial complex “Silicon Valley” — remote development of corporate applications in various branches of human activity.

The director of the center — professor, doctor of technical science M. D. Godlevsky, the head of the Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies Department of NTU “KhPI”.

The deputy director for a production part – the assistant professor, candidate of the technical science E. E. Rubin, the director of the Kharkiv computer and technological college of the NTU “KhPI”, the director of Telesens International Ltd.

The deputy director for scientific work – professor, the doctor of technical science A. S. Kutsenko, the head of the system analysis and management department of NTU “KhPI”.