Specialty 121 Software Engineering (field of knowledge 12 Information Technology)

Specialization Distributed software systems and technologies

Specialization provides training specialists in the design, development, construction and testing of software. Among the subjects of this specialization such as: “Architecture of distributed software systems”, “Distributed Databases and Data Warehouse”, “Cloud technologies and programs”, “Architecture and technology development of mobile information systems” and other modern methods and technologies for the development and maintenance of complex software systems. In addition, the curriculums provide the discipline, providing basic knowledge on statistical data processing, as well as provide in-depth study of modern software systems and technologies for the design and development of intelligent software systems.

Specialization Technical Software Intelligent Systems

Specialization provides training in research and development of artificial intelligence programs: expert systems, e-commerce, analysis and understanding of texts, robotics, etc. We provide disciplines of the collection and systematization of business information, web-monitoring, the study of the set of keywords, research marketing, data online sources, analysis of the key words from the Internet news flow, the quality of data analysis. In addition, the curriculum provides discipline to ensure a basic knowledge of the program in linguistics and translation theory, artificial intelligence, data mining. Qualification: Software Engineering Analyst

Specialty 122 Computer Science and Information Technologies (branch of knowledge 12 Information Technologies)

Specialization Information Control Systems and Technologies

Specialization provides training, qualification creates harmonious knowledge and skills in the field of information technologies and common fundamental training. Training provides for the acquisition of knowledge on modern languages and programming technologies, theoretical and practical skills of working with modern database management systems, and instrumentation design tools, development, testing and implementation of software. Among the subjects of specialization discipline we teaching business engineering and business systems management, cloud computing, data analysis and and many more.

Specialization Project Management Software Engineering

Specialization provides training in IT-projects management. As part of the fundamental training, students will learn complex subjects related to the application of mathematical methods for solving management problems and analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence systems. Gained knowledge can be applied in the field of software development and the management of modern business systems. Among the subjects of specialization we provide such disciplines as “Introduction and management of IT-projects”, “Formation and development of IT-projects teams”, “Risk Management of IT-projects”, “Information IT-project management technologies”, “Information Security” and many more. Qualification: Analyst of Computer Science and Information Technologies